SoundSentiments™ is excited to be attending the 2012 National Stationery Show, the world’s most comprehensive trade show of stationery products.

The National Stationery Show, taking place in New York City from May 20-23, attracts greeting card companies, manufacturers, buyers, designers and distributors from throughout the United States and abroad. “Interest and feedback in SoundSentiments™ from potential buyers and suppliers at the show reinforces the emotional connection that both music and greeting cards offer,” said Natasha Alexandra, co-founder of SoundSentiments™. “We’re excited to provide the best of both worlds in our greeting cards,” added Kristin Hoffmann, co-founder of SoundSentiments™.

In concert with the National Stationery Show, Kristin Hoffmann and Natasha Alexandra will be performing at the M-Bar in the Mansfield Hotel on Tuesday, May 22, 8:30-10:30pm. National Stationery Show attendees are invited to stop by the M-Bar, 12 West 44th Street for an enjoyable evening of live music and greeting cards. For more details, contact: